How does this mentoring process work?

Mentoring is a completely confidential, exclusive one-to-one relationship that is implemented in an informal environment.

The expectation is that I will be able to provide advice based on my experience, as well as provide a place to for you to discuss your concerns and questions regarding either your existing genealogy business or your dreams about having your own business. You can have years of experience or you can be just venturing out on your own.  

Generally we work with monthly appointments, via Skype or phone call, whichever you prefer. Click here to see my prices.

You make the first Skype/call at the set time and we discuss your concerns for one hour. During this time we will get to know each other better. If it looks like we are going to be able to work together, and you are interested in moving forward, we set up your schedule.

We will cover many items such as your experience, education, and your present situation regarding the business. Once we determine your goals we will customize your mentoring schedule accordingly.  Because everyone is at a different stage in their business development the work becomes very specific to you.

There will be a lot of discussion regarding what has happened in the past and what should happen in the future. Timelines and business plans will be created and implemented accordingly. As this is your business, I am your mentor, not your boss. I will advise you to the best of my ability but the final decisions will always be yours to make. So, when you become successful, you can pat yourself on the back and enjoy it!

Over the years I have found certain patterns emerge in what is covered during our conversations. Sometimes there will be great new ideas born, and sometimes there will be a change in the direction taken. All is good!

There are newsworthy items that I will pass along for your information. Websites, contacts, and whatever else that may be of interest to help you will be happily shared.

So, if you find this interesting and your think you may want to try, just contact me. There is no obligation.

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