About Sharon


Sharon L. Murphy PLCGS, Principal / Professional Genealogist

The founder of TIMELINES Genealogical Research, Sharon Murphy, PLCGS, is a professional genealogical researcher and the author of two books — Researching Canadian Vital Statistic Records and Researching Canadian Land Records. She has also designed curricula and serves as an instructor and is also the Head of the Canadian Department for the National Institute of Genealogical Studies at the University of Toronto. As well, she has been an occasional guest lecturer at the University of Toronto, giving on-site instruction and tours of the Archives of Ontario, the Toronto Reference Library, the North York Public Library and the Library and Archives Canada.

Working as a genealogical researcher for over 30 years, Sharon Murphy is now putting her experience to good use as a mentor — not as a research instructor, but by providing support to professional genealogists who are building their businesses. The experience of building a business in the world of genealogy is quite unique and is approached in a very different manner than most other businesses: Sharon has learned this from experience. There are certainly many aspects that will be the same as business practices used in any business but there are very distinct differences that are vital to a new or renewed enterprise.