Is Working from Home as good as it sounds?

by Sharon

While I was having a conversation with one of my clients the other day they asked about the fact that even though they are now working from home, they still feel somewhat overwhelmed and under inspired. They had assumed that once they could devote themselves totally to their business from their home office that all would be right with the world. Well, it appears that things have turned out a little differently.
What we have to remember about working from home is that although we can avoid all the negative chores of commuting, being interrupted at our desks, waiting in line for lunch, and generally having to punch a clock, we actually will need to create another routine that works for us.
Although working alone does certainly increase productivity in many cases, sometimes it has the opposite effect. We are lonely, we are unmotivated and we are falling behind. How do we overcome this challenge so we can feel that we have achieved our goals? We make a plan to keep us ‘socially happy’.

Run yourself like a business and you will feel like your are running a business.  Make a plan and build in time to have interaction with others of like mind. Setup lunch dates, coffee meetings, and online interaction via Skype, Facebook, Google or whatever you prefer to use. By using a schedule this way you can then build in your other tasks and duties around it. Try to keep your plan regulated. Doing the same things at a certain time of day (the best time for you) will produce the best results. As human beings we need to have contact of some sort with others. Smiling and laughing make you feel better. But being genealogists that get lost in their work, makes it too easy to drift away from that personal contact. You need motivation to get your going and results to keep you going. Discussing your day with another entrepreneur helps to solidify your credibility in the working world and at the same time, provides a different view of your achievements. Belonging to organizations that support small business people is also a good move.

Give it a try, it can’t hurt.