Suddenly it’s September

by Sharon

The air feels different, the sun feels different and the urge to actually get down to business and accomplish something feels right!
Start by organizing your thoughts. Sit quietly and list what’s on your mind, review what your goals are for this year and plan your work accordingly.
If you are on track, congratulations. If you aren’t then get busy.
There is still time to adjust your plan and figure out what you must achieve, then do it. Chances are you won’t reach all your goals but focus on the important ones. They will be the ones that affect your business and your life directly.
As an example: Should you get caught up on your journal reading or should you finish that report and get it out to your client? Should you clean you office or should you get that research done? Should you call a friend or get your bookkeeping up-to-date? You get the message.
Every time you complete something, even the smallest job, congratulate yourself, then start the next one. You can do it! 🙂