Blast from the Past

by Sharon

Came across this the other day, thought it would be of interest.  Note: this was in 2008!! Time marches on!

Ex Libris Association Newsletter

“Bring Out Your Dead or Focus on Genealogy:
Report on the Annual Conference
By Tom Eadie

“At the November 10, 2008 ELA Annual Conference, we were privileged
to hear presentations by Sharon Murphy and Marian Press.
Sharon Murphy has 28 years of experience in genealogy. Currently,
she operates her company, Timelines Genealogical Research, out of Cobourg, Ontario. She spoke on the topic Hiring a Professional Genealogist.
Sharon identified why one might hire a genealogist (professional knowledge
of sources, experience interpreting records, etc.) and outlined ways to stay
within your budget (set limits, organize materials you already have). She
suggested ways to find a genealogist, (through local libraries and genealogical societies) and advised reference checks. The attentive audience learned what they could expect from a professional genealogist and Sharon gave them what amounts to a checklist for anyone considering a career in genealogy. ”

TIP: Talk to groups and organizations about hiring a professional genealogist. It will allow the participants to ask questions and is a great way to advertise without pressure.