Getting Started

When I first dreamed of starting my own genealogy research business I had great expectations and not much experience of a professional nature in the world of genealogy. Over time, say 25 years, I learned that you need both, at the same time. Back in those dark days there were very few professional genealogical researchers and not many experienced hobbyists either, that were willing or able to help. Networking was difficult for many reasons, the least of which was simple logistics.

Today we have the Internet and databases galore. Neither of which help us personally manage our great expectations or gain professional experience. What we need is someone to talk to in the language of business and genealogy combined. We need to know what goals are attainable, how to prioritize our plans/dreams, a colleague to laugh with and a shoulder to cry on if necessary,… and it will be.

Genealogical education is now available for almost everyone, thanks to the online courses and conferences available. Joining genealogical groups of every description will provide a pool of experience that you should access. However, genealogy is a strange and wonderful world and you can get bogged down with too much help and advice.

What you will determine you really need is someone to talk to about your individual dreams and goals, your specific business questions, and your method of actually doing “the business” on your own. For this you need a mentor/advisor.


You will need a mentor to:

  1. Touch base with you at regular intervals,
  2. Be available on an as-needed basis, and
  3. Report to and be accountable to.

Looking forward to talking about your business keeps your spirits up and your thoughts focused.

This is such an exciting and challenging time of your life! Sharing your dreams  and fears will help you strengthen your confidence and add a sense of reality to your world.

Take the first step, contact me. Let’s talk about your situation.